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Energy Efficiency

  1. Scientists Say Blockchain ‘Delivering on Energy Promises’

    One of the first unbiased, major comprehensive reviews of blockchain has concluded that the technology is “actually delivering on its promises in a number of areas directly related to energy”.

  2. Geothermal-powered Italian Town Asks Why Populists Are Abandoning It

    Italy’s Five Star Movement used to rave about towns like Montieri, a village in the verdant Tuscan foothills that burns little coal or natural gas. Instead, the local power plant harnesses steam rising naturally from hot springs deep underground to generate electricity.
  3. South Africa's Eskom Facing `Death Spiral' Driven by Distributed Solar Energy

    Bloated by debt, bled by corruption and battered by structurally declining sales, South African power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. is facing what’s known in the industry as a “death spiral.”
  4. Report: Smart Grid Upgrades Offer Less Risk, More Flexibility than Power Lines

    A decade ago, Maine regulators faced dueling proposals to meet projected load growth north of Portland: upgrade a long-distance transmission line to carry more power, or strategically install batteries and distributed generation.
  5. Biomass Market Harnesses Combined Heat and Power

    Two big trends are converging in the world of power generation -- Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and biomass. CHP is gaining ground in many areas of the world due to the fact that its superior efficiency often results in major economic gains (CHP takes the waste heat from a turbine and uses it to generate steam which is often uses in district heating, or in industrial processes).
  6. Nevada National Security Site Installs Solar, Begins Era of Net-zero Energy Buildings

    The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) inaugurated the Mercury Solar Project late last month and moved it further down the path of sustainability, giving NNSA its first net-zero-energy building.
  7. Forecasting the Energy Community: Open Call for the Inaugural Season of a Fantasy Energy League

    Fantasy sports and the energy industry might not have much in common on the surface, but I’ve always personally approached these two passions of mine in similar ways: obsessively reading the breaking news, following my favorite experts in the community on social media, and diving deep into the available statistics to create graphs and try to come up with hot takes. I think the fantasy sports model can be used to encourage an academic and educational exercise in the energy industry, so it struck me—I should establish the first fantasy league for the energy sector!
  8. Surprised by Cheap Clean Energy, Coal Stalwart Adds Renewables

    Marubeni Corp., the Japanese trading house for whom coal makes up about a quarter of its power generation, never expected renewable energy prices to plunge as much as they have.
  9. Exxon Will Use Wind, Solar to Produce Crude Oil in 'Historically Unprecedented' Deal

    Exxon Mobil Corp. will use renewable energy to produce oil in West Texas.
  10. Ontario to Set Targets for Industries to Cut Carbon Emissions

    Ontario plans to cut carbon gas emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, setting reduction targets for industries and encouraging private investments in clean technologies.

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