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Energy Storage

  1. First national lithium-ion battery recycling R&D center launched

    With lithium-ion battery technology expanding across the world, through electronics, Electric Vehicles and stationary storage, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have launched the first lithium-ion battery recycling center, called the ReCell Center, at Argonne National Laboratory. DOE says the center will help the U.S. grow a globally competitive recycling industry and reduce the country’s reliance on foreign sources of battery materials.
  2. World's biggest battery to boost solar in Texas

    The world’s largest battery could soon be storing solar energy deep in the heart of Texas oil country.
  3. India energy storage milestone as battery plant goes live

    India’s first grid-scale battery energy storage system is now operational.

  4. Opinion: In Germany, the Green New Deal actually works

    Opponents of the U.S. congressional Democrats’ Green New Deal point to Germany as an example of a country where similar policies have backfired. They should take a closer look; the U.S. could do well to imitate Europe’s largest economy.
  5. California municipal utility will phase out three natural gas power plants in favor of renewables

    This week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that rather than investing in the Haynes, Harbor and Scattergood natural gas power plants to meet the requirements of a 2010 law related to a practice known as once through cooling, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will phase them out in favor of renewable energy.
  6. Portland General Electric, NextEra announce unique solar-wind-energy storage project in Oregon

    Details on the solar and battery storage components are still up in the air, but the wind farm itself was comfirmed to include 120 turbines manufactured by GE Renewable Energy Inc.

  7. FERC Data Shows Substantial Renewable Growth Coming but Gas Still Dominating Today

    According to an analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), natural gas dominated new electrical generating capacity in 2018. However, renewable energy sources (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) seem poised to swamp fossil fuels as new generating capacity is added over the next three years.
  8. 140,000-Strong EV Smart Charging Trial Complete

    Last week, an organization called Electric Nation said that it had concluded data collection from more than 140,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging events in what it called the largest smart charging trial in the world. The trail lasted 18 months.
  9. Puerto Rico’s Draft IRP Seeks Unprecedented Amounts of Solar and Battery Storage

    Last week when utilities and other energy stakeholders were attending DistribuTECH in New Orleans, LA, a bit farther south, Puerto Rico’s utility PREPA was releasing a draft version of its 2019 integrated resource plan (IRP).
  10. Australian Renewable Hydrogen Power Plant One Step Closer To Completion

    Australian hydrogen infrastructure developer H2U confirmed today that it will use Baker Hughes NovaLT gas turbine generators at its South Australian Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Supply Chain Demonstrator in Port Lincoln.

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