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Energy Storage

  1. France Will Save Billions By Investing in Renewables Instead of Nukes

    France will save 39 billion euros ($44.5 billion) if it refrains from building 15 new nuclear plants by 2060, and bets instead on renewable energy sources to replace its all its aging atomic facilities, a government agency said.
  2. The Yellow Vests Movement Isn’t Anti-Climate Action; It’s Pro-Social Justice

    The Yellow Vests riots sweeping across France have grabbed headlines as governments gather in Katowice, Poland for the UN climate conference (COP24). This is the most widespread and violent protest in France since the 2005 suburban riots, and perhaps even 1968. While the unrest initially erupted as a protest against the latest rise in fuel taxes, which the government has now agreed to postpone, some are attributing the riots to a backlash against carbon taxes and climate action. This is a misguided conclusion.
  3. Residential Batteries in Germany To Provide Primary Balancing Power for Grid Operator

    Last week residential battery provider sonnen and its technology partner, tiko Energy Solutions, said that they have obtained pre-qualification from the transmission system operator TenneT to provide primary balancing power using its Germany-wide network of residential battery storage systems.
  4. Forecasting the Energy Community: Open Call for the Inaugural Season of a Fantasy Energy League

    Fantasy sports and the energy industry might not have much in common on the surface, but I’ve always personally approached these two passions of mine in similar ways: obsessively reading the breaking news, following my favorite experts in the community on social media, and diving deep into the available statistics to create graphs and try to come up with hot takes. I think the fantasy sports model can be used to encourage an academic and educational exercise in the energy industry, so it struck me—I should establish the first fantasy league for the energy sector!
  5. Experts Agree: There is No Clear Winner or Loser in Power Generation Technologies

    At a mega-session during POWER-GEN International, a panel made up of utility resource planners, transmission operators and generation technology experts all seemed to come to the same conclusion: when it comes to picking energy generation technologies for the future, there is no standout technology. Each technology comes with a series of pros and cons that must be weighed in order to set a course for the future.
  6. Tesla 50-MW Battery Sparks New Projects After Promising Run

    A year after Elon Musk rolled out what was then the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery to aid South Australia’s blackout-prone power grid, more projects are set to follow in its footsteps at home and abroad.
  7. Italian Innovation on Display at POWER-GEN International

    The panel explored Electric Vehicles in particular, with an emphasis on how the coming transition to an electrified transportation sector will affect the utility grid and the demand curve

  8. Xcel Becomes First Big U.S. Utility to Swear Off Greenhouse Gas

    Xcel Energy Inc. became the first major U.S. utility owner to pledge to fully phase out carbon-dioxide emissions that cause global warming.
  9. Ontario to Set Targets for Industries to Cut Carbon Emissions

    Ontario plans to cut carbon gas emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, setting reduction targets for industries and encouraging private investments in clean technologies.
  10. EV Charging Infrastructure Company Attracts Largest Funding to Date at $240M

    This week, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network provider, ChargePoint, announced that it has raised $240 Million in Series H funding, which is more capital than any other EV infrastructure company in the world, surmising in its press release that the move to electrify transportation is accelerating.

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