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Wind Power

  1. The $123 Billion Question: Are Green Bonds Really Working?

    The green-bond market has boomed on the allure of investments that help the environment. Now, the industry is trying to show that the reality matches these ambitions. Advisers and rating companies are starting to track the environmental effect of projects funded by green bonds, such as the impact on air pollution.

  2. World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Maker Sets Sights on New Markets

    The chief executive officer of Vestas Wind Systems A/S says the world’s biggest wind turbine maker wants to expand in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region as it taps into growing demand for renewable energy in new markets.

  3. US Conference of Mayors Approves Resolution Calling for 100 Percent Renewable Energy in American Cities

    The U.S. Conference of Mayors in Miami yesterday approved a resolution calling for 100 percent renewable energy in cities across the U.S. by 2035.

  4. Solar Now Third Largest Renewable Source of Electricity in US

    In April, solar reached a new milestone, providing more than 2.3 percent of U.S. electrical supply, according to the latest issue of the U.S. Energy Information's (EIA) Electric Power Monthly, with data through April 30, 2017. Consequently, solar has now moved into third place among renewable sources — behind hydropower and wind but ahead of biomass and geothermal.

  5. Collaborative Underwater Robots for Offshore Industry

    Today, DTU inaugurates a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in e.g. offshore wind turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection, and the long-term vision is that it will be able to carry out underwater repairs on foundations and rigs.

  6. The Global Transition to Renewable Energy — Can the Caribbean Lead the Way? Part 2: The Challenges

    With the confluence of positive factors described in Part 1 of this article, why has the pace of adoption of renewables not been more rapid Indeed, there has been progress, but it has been slow and uneven, depending on the island. There are several reasons for this.

  7. The Global Transition to Renewable Energy — Can the Caribbean Lead the Way? Part 1: The Potential

    The Caribbean depends on imported oil for approximately 90 percent of its energy needs; the exception is Trinidad and Tobago, which has its own source of oil and natural gas. Although the world currently is benefitting from a relatively low cost of oil, 

  8. Apple Issues a Second Green Bond to Finance Clean Energy

    Apple Inc., which issued the biggest green bond ever sold by a U.S. corporation last year to finance projects fighting global warming, is doing it again.

  9. Last Word: Safe Wind Turbine Operation Starts With Lubrication

    For wind turbine operators, focusing on lubrication can have a big impact on enhancing safety. How, you ask?

  10. The Future of Energy Services Highlighted on 2017 Technology Pioneers List

    Companies with product offerings that will drive the future of energy services were among the 30 start-ups and scale-ups featured on the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Technology Pioneers list released this week.

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