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Energy Storage

  1. CSP Eyes Strong Growth with Thermal Energy Storage to Compete Against PV

    Concentrating solar power (CSP) has existed since 1866, but for the last couple of decades, photovoltaic (PV) has been the dominant solar technology. Now with technological advancements and energy storage, CSP is poised to make a significant comeback. 

  2. New York Moves to Establish Energy Storage Procurement Target for 2030

    The New York State Legislature has sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo companion bills that would lead to the development of an energy storage procurement target for the state.

  3. South Australia Has 185 Potential Sites for Pumped Storage Hydro

    There are 185 sites in South Australia that are potentially suitable for off-river pumped hydro storage, according to the results of research at The Australian National University.

  4. NYSERDA to Fund Emerging Energy Storage Technology

    NYSERDA announced that up to $6.3 million is available for energy storage technologies that have not yet been commercialized but could support renewable power sources in New York State

  5. Australian Firm Issues Tender for 640 MWh of Energy Storage Services

    Brisbane, Australia-based Lyon Group yesterday said it is seeking interest for contracts to cover up to 640 MWh of storage capacity across Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

  6. Toronto Hydro, Ryerson Launch Pilot Project to Store Energy in Pole-mounted Compact Box

    Toronto Hydro is testing pole-mounted energy storage devices that can supplement electricity during peak hours in homes. In a pilot project, a compact white box, a little bigger than a suitcase, has been mounted about six metres up a hydro pole in the Keele St.

  7. Flow Battery Provider Recognized with Green Chemistry Challenge Award

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently recognized Mukilteo, Wash.-based flow battery provider UniEnergy Technologies with a Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

  8. Australia Considers Draft Standard for Onsite Energy Storage

    The nonprofit Standards Australia this week released for consultation a draft voluntary standard for onsite battery systems. The standard, which was prepared jointly by Australian and New Zealand stakeholders, includes provisions for

  9. Renewables to Grab $7 Trillion of Global Power Investment, Says BNEF

    Renewables will account for almost three quarters of global investment in power generation between now and 2040, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

  10. Recently Passed Legislation to Open Up PACE Financing in Illinois

    Illinois could get a PACE program for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy in commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings if the governor signs a bill passed overwhelmingly by the state legislature last month.

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